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2022 Social Media Trends

An assessment of this year's social media trends.

Below are the 10 social media trends that every business owner and founder needs to know in 2022!

Hint: Even though social media gives every business the opportunity to grow a following, that doesn’t automatically translate into an engaged community! Try implementing the trends above to gain (and keep) loyal, like-minded followers for your brand.

With a huge emphasis on connection and intentionality, we're proud of where social is headed this year!

Trend #1 - Smaller, Niche Communities Reign

Micro influencers and niche communities are in demand as brands are preferring to work with influencers who prioritize connecting with smaller audiences. By working with a network of relevant, niche influencers, your brand will gain higher engagement - and it’ll cost much less than paid advertising. You can also find a niche community that your brand fits into, show up for them and vice versa.

Trend #2 - Memes Are Here to Stay

Let’s be honest, memes carried us through the last few years! Casual, humorous and relatable, memes are a great way for brands and creators to join trending conversations, and authentically connect with their audience. Get in touch with your funny bone, because memes are going to continue to thrive in 2022.

Trend #3 - Inclusivity is Key

Social responsibility will continue to be a brand forefront in 2022 (and rightfully so). Brands should put continued emphasis on their long-term commitment to inclusivity, and outline actionable steps they will take (and stick to!). Accountability is critical and customers will take note!

Trend #4 - Inspiring Paid Ads

Boring, self-serving, overly sales-y ads are a thing of the past. Brands that advertise successfully on social media understand the mindset of their audience, and work to enrich their followers’ experience. Personable, relatable, lifestyle-centered ads will take the lead.

Trend #5 - Quick Customer Care

Halts in the global supply chain means the demand for customer service is only increasing. Customer care via social media is immediate, convenient, and way better than waiting on hold! Businesses who answer "the call" will create a happy (and loyal) following. Tip: An FAQ with brand-appropriate responses may be a good idea if you’re outsourcing this kind of work.

Trend #6 - TikTok Will Keep Growing

TikTok has grown from a solely entertainment-based platform, to one fit for businesses. While Instagram is still #1, TikTok will continue to grow exponentially - and now they have a number of useful tools specifically for businesses, like ads and business profiles.

Trend #7 - Consider Social Commerce, AR and VR

Be sure to consider how to create a frictionless shopping experience via social commerce.

Social media will see a rise in the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) - and while VR might still be in early stages, many brands are adopting AR to digitally enhance consumer shopping experiences. In fact, AR can boost click-through rates by as much as 33%.

Trend #8 - Short Form Video is King

With video being the most engaging form of content, it’s no surprise that quick, vertical short-form clips should be at the forefront of your content strategy. Hint: long-form video is no longer the way to go! Look to instagram reels and stories and TikTok videos for 2022.

Trend #9 - Increased Creator Economy

Creators who elevated their products and audience engagement to a new class of business are here to stay. With endless content tools, creators can grow their businesses from a hobby to a full-grown money-making venture.

"With over 50 million social media micro-entrepreneurs, the creator economy is currently valued at $20B - and could grow to $104.2B in 2022" – Forbes Magazine

Trend #10 - Think and Target Local

For increased organic traffic, consider local targeting which will become more prevalent in 2022. By geo-tagging posts, stories, and ads, brands can expect to see greater engagement from their local audience. Consider how targeting a specific geographic location may actually benefit your brand, rather than limit your potential reach.

Which trends will you incorporate into your social strategy this year?

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