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How founders can use social media to connect with their community #RewolfToFlower

Rewolf Founder Caroline provides business owners with some tips on how to come out from the curtain, to check in with your audience and successfully build an engaged digital community.

Many business IG accounts are missing one thing - the people behind the magic of the brand, YOU! People crave authenticity in a space that is often dominated by perfectly curated + sponsored content, fake followers, fake news and fake likes. Featuring your founders + employees humanizes your audience’s experience with your brand, making for an authentic + real connection.

TIP # 1

Founder Introductions

Introducing yourself to your instagram community is a great ice breaker, especially if you are just starting out and people are unfamiliar with your products or services. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself, tell your story and connect with your audience on a personal level.

We suggest our clients use a Madlib strategy when introducing themselves online. Here is the format we like to us:

I AM (who you are)

I HELP (who you help)

WITH WHAT (what do you help them with)

DOING WHAT (how and what you are doing to help them)

Example: I am Caroline, Founder of Rewolf Agency. I help conscious and intentional businesses share their unique story through creative story-telling, branding and digital marketing.

Your introduction doesn't have to be extremely long. It can be short and succinct as this will open up questions and dialogue in the comment section. It's more important that this message is extremely clear which is why we lean on the above strategy. As we say in marketing and advertising, the answer to confusion is always a no. Clearly expressing what your unique offering is to your audience is the key first step to connecting with them.

Do this practice every so often, so new followers can be familiarized with who you are and add the post to your ABOUT US story highlight, so the information can live there indefinitely!

TIP # 2

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Less scripted content helps humanize your brand and fosters inclusion and connection. If you are a one-person show, sharing behind the scenes content and a "day in the life" as a founder is a great way for a single member company to connect with followers and show more about their organization. Businesses can do this with their employees by way of showing and recognizing the hard work that employees are carrying out and their unique personalities, highlighting employee birthdays and their unique personalities and sharing footage from company events. This will also help boost internal company moral and help them to feel appreciated.

Rewolf Example: We share life as a Rewolf creative, highlight places where we work as a digital nomad, moodboards and behind the scenes from photo shoot productions.

TIP # 3

Personal Content

There has been explosive growth in this category with many founders more apt to showing the personal side of their brands. Why? The community at large is looking for deeper, meaningful, more authentic connection and this is a great way to provide that.

Being vulnerable and sharing the trials and tribulations of the not-so glamours sides of being a founder would be a great thing to be open about. Sharing the inspiration for why you were called to make a specific product or start the brand is also a great way to connect. Even showing some of your personal life and hobbies would be a good way to start.

Rewolf Example: We are renovating a 1990 Ford E-150 Clubwagon and have been sharing the build with our audience, so they can be included in our process.

Check out our IGTV below where we expand on the topic!

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