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Case Studies

A look into some of the brands we've serviced and the growth they've seen through strategic and intentional brand marketing.

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Sustainable, Locking Furniture + Storage

Brand Highlights

    • Create branded content beyond static one off posts like reels, IGTV + carousels
    • Grow Pinterest traffic by 1,764% + increase site visits by 225%.
    • Grew Instagram by 110%
    • Increase website traffic through routine SEO optimized blogs
    • Grow Instagram by 800+ followers
    • Diversify content + feed
    • Manage brand partnerships + cross collaborations
    • Create brand awareness
    • Guide brand through light rebrand inc. web copy rewrites
    • Produce a dozen bi-weekly blog posts, including concept generation and copywriting

Social Media

Management, curation + growth of Instagram + Pinterest

Content Creation

Branded graphic design assets, reels, carousels + IGTV

SEO Blogging

Biweekly blogs


Assist and provide guidance for rebrand

Interested in working together?

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