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Case Studies

A look into some of the brands we've serviced and the growth they've seen through strategic and intentional brand marketing.

Alex + Ani

Intentional Jewelry

    • Fashion styling on shoots for in store holiday + fall campaign imagery
    • Content creation for still + on figure imagery for social campaigns (including styling, production, shooting and casting)
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Elevate Jane

Elevated Accessories

    • Create content for social channels
    • Style and produce print advertisement for Broccoli Magazine
    • Co-manage 14 day holiday giveaway with 10 participating brand partners
    • Produce and style giveaway photoshoot
    • Garner organic press features from Rolling Stone, Business Insider, MG Retailer + beyond
    • Draft and distribute press materials, develop weekly editorial pitches (Online Round ups and Gift Guides)
    • Track outreach and manage all communications for press
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Fearless Finance

Financial Planning

    • Guide brand through rebrand + update brand strategy and positioning, including new tag lines, product offerings, and web redesign
    • Create updated social assets + branded templates
    • Create diversified, branded content beyond static one-off posts like Reels, IGTV + Carousels
    • Grew Instagram following 136%
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Flight PR

PR Agency for Start-Ups

    • Create Instagram feed from inception
    • Establish brand pillars and develop content categories for social media
    • Create and curate branded templates and graphic design assets
    • Develop brand presence
    • Drive traffic to website
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Forest + Flour

Allergen Friendly Kitchen

    • Social rebrand including new suite of graphic design assets and content pillars
    • Create reels + educational carousels
    • Grew Reach 150%
    • Grew Impressions 2000%
    • Grew impressions by 155%
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Forti Goods

Sustainable, Locking Furniture + Storage

    • Create branded content beyond static one off posts like reels, IGTV + carousels
    • Grow Pinterest traffic by 1,764% + increase site visits by 225%.
    • Grew Instagram by 110%
    • Increase website traffic through routine SEO optimized blogs
    • Grow Instagram by 800+ followers
    • Diversify content + feed
    • Manage brand partnerships + cross collaborations
    • Create brand awareness
    • Guide brand through light rebrand inc. web copy rewrites
    • Produce a dozen bi-weekly blog posts, including concept generation and copywriting
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Green Goddess Collective

Venice Beach Dispensary

    • Create content for summer campaign and social channels
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Hospitality at Home, E-Commerce Site

    • Launch brand on IG and TikTok
    • Create suite of branded assets + highlight covers
    • Create content + brand videos for IG reels + TikTok
    • Grew account by 35,200%
    • Grew impressions by 988.7%
    • Grew engagements by 416.6%
    • Profile actions increase by 515%
    • Increase of 291%, net growth of 1604%
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Inda Creations

Jewelry , Wellness + Holistic Healing

    • Build brand + social from the ground up as Creative Director
    • Create and design one-of-a-kind pipe necklace + other healing products
    • Create social strategy, brand pillars + content categories
    • Promote sales and create unique pop ups and activations at various events including Wanderlust Festival, Desert Daze Festival, for Summit Series and beyond
    • Incept, art direct + style all imagery and campaigns
    • Garner organic press features in Coveteur, Refinery 29, Self Magazine, WWD, Yoga Journal + was a featured brand in the interactive Museum of Weed Exhibition hosted by VICE x WeedMaps
    • Manage partnerships with various wholesale shops and cross collaboration with like-minded brands
    • Drive traffic to website + grew IG account to 8000 followers organically
    • Create educational content for wellness + plant medicine communities including blogs and newsletters
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Joint PR

Public Relations

    • Create branded graphic design assets for social media platforms
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Kinship Station

Curated Artisanal Gifts

    • Create story templates and illustrated highlight covers for Instagram to promote shop
    • Growth + engagement for Instagram (420+ organic followers In 1 month)
    • Create newsletters to promote events
    • Drive traffic to website
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Kiss the Sky

Sustainable Yoga Products

    • Update + evolve aesthetic
    • Curate + share inspiring imagery
    • Define brand pillars + evolve brand story
    • Feature brand founders
    • Develop content categories
    • Drive traffic to website
    • Create content + copy to share with yoga community
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